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P804 P804 WM Mixed
Everything from electronics,tools, to toys. Four to five feet tall weighing approx.250 lbs. These pallets are great for the weekend seller, fleamarkets, yardsales etc.
350.00 Pallet
TR10300 TR10300 KM Hardgoods FOB: CA
Pallets on these truckloads include everything from electronics,small appliances,tools, to toys. Prices as low as $149.00 with a minimum of 24 pallet order!
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TR10308 TR10308 Big Lotz Store Returns
Great mix of merchandise from electronics to tools & Toys. Great mix of returns. One load has enough variety to fill a small store. This load contains 24 pallets. Prices as low as $4250.00 per truckload.
4,250.00 Truckload
TR10309 TR10309 Duc-Wall
This load contains mixed merchandise somewhat like K-ART Wholesale value approx. $21,250.00. Truckload contains 26 - 44 pallets. FOB: Kansas Ducwall department store loads are divided up into 4 categories; apparel, housewares, electronics & miscellaneous. Genarally these loads contain everything from seasonal closeouts to shelfpulls and returns. A mixed load from this store would range around $3500.00. Electronics only loads start at $6500.00 with clothing deals starting at 7% of the wholesale cost of the load. Call for more details.
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TR30003 TR30003 Warehouse Mixed load!
24 pallets straight from our SC warehouse. Great mix of tools, toys, housewares etc. These pallets are cheaper due to our constantly over crowded warehouse. These loads are perfect for those selling by the pallet. All pallets are 5' tall or better. This 24 pallet load will break down as follows: 8 pallets K-art, 6 pallets luggage, 4 pallets Searz mixed, 2 pallets Searz sporting, 2 Searz toys & 2 Searz electronics. Great mix for any store, flea market etc.
5,800.00 Truckload
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